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Discover your new favorite eatery in downtown Eau Claire...

The Informalist strives to provide a unique and diverse offering of palate pleasing options. Situated inside The Lismore, the menus cover the full range of offerings from weekend brunch to wood stone pizza, a full dinner menu, and a late night menu serving until late in the evening. The Informalist staff has prepared a selection of options that include gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan platings.


Our chef-inspired dishes highlight their scratch-made components as well as their ethically – and when possible – locally sourced ingredients. No meal would be complete, however, without considering our wide selection of bottled wine, beer, spirits, and of course, our hand-crafted cocktail offerings. You'll be sure to enjoy the ambiance created by our open-concept kitchen, stunning marble-topped tables, and design highlights like our Penny Bar. In the warmer months, you'll have access to a partially-covered patio nestled along Barstow Street in the heart of Downtown Eau Claire. Book a reservation today and leave the rest to our exceptional staff!

An Important Message from The Informalist

As an organization, Pablo Group seeks to provide value to our community through Experiences, Entrepreneurship, Urban Living, and Real Estate. The coronavirus pandemic has provided Pablo Group with a unique opportunity to review and evaluate the state of those endeavors. Each pillar has been uniquely impacted since the onset of the pandemic.

Pablo Group’s Experiences pillar is a collection of hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars throughout Eau Claire. As we reflected on the compensation model, we came to the conclusion that we can and will do better. Every employee within Pablo Group is now making at least $16 per hour and those working more than 20 hours per week are offered benefits, including healthcare and a 401k. Concurrently, we have altered our menu pricing. Tipping is no longer anticipated in any Pablo Group business. Tips are still accepted and will be directly redistributed to employees. 

The hospitality and service industries are particularly susceptible to income instability. Removing reliance on a flawed and archaic tipping structure has been shown to help reduce the economic exposure and risk to those workers. It is Pablo Group’s hope that our new structure improves the wage stability and creates better working conditions for employees throughout our organization. 

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